‘You never know where you’re going to go’


A charge to the Messengers of the Gospel

By Kenneth G. Hodder, Commissioner –

Messengers of the Gospel, there are many iconic images associated with the USA Western Territory, but the one that you should have foremost in your minds is the image of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is firmly planted on one side of the bay but then disappears into the fog before it reaches the other side.

It’s easy to walk on a road where we can see our way. It takes far more courage and far more faith to wander into something in which you must only rely upon the power and the grace of God, and that is precisely what will happen when you start on that side of the stage and make your way over here.

The Salvation Army does that for a reason, not just to create excitement at Commissioning, but because that is what will characterize your life from this point forward. You will never know where God is going to send you, but let me give you this bit of advice: If you are committed, as you have indicated you are, to proclaim that Jesus is Lord, it won’t matter where you’re going for he will always make your steps sure and the ground certain under your feet. Maintain your covenant and continue to follow him. Proclaim that Jesus is Lord.

Now, I must confess, I think some of them probably don’t believe me or they might think that I’m overstating the case, but nothing could be further from the truth. Allow me if I may, to demonstrate. Major Lourdes Griffith, go to Brazil and tell them that Jesus is Lord. Major Harryette Raihl, go to Latvia and tell them that Jesus is Lord. Lts. Genesis and Martha Apuan, go to Japan and tell them that Jesus is Lord. Majors George and Jeanne Baker, go to the South and Mid Wales Division of the United Kingdom Territory and tell them that Jesus is Lord.

Oh, and while you are at it, please take Captains Clarke, Majors Gilden, Majors Lloyd and Lts. Pearce to serve in England and Scotland as well. Lt. Colonels Tim and Cindy Foley, go to National Headquarters and tell them that Jesus is Lord.

Now, frankly, I suspect they’ve already heard that message. But everybody can use a reminder now and then. God bless you.

Majors Markiewicz, go to Kenya and tell them that Jesus is Lord. Majors Kramerius, go to the Czech Republic and tell them that Jesus is Lord. Majors Flores, go to Argentina and tell them that Jesus is Lord. Captains Tumale, go to Dubai and tell them that Jesus is Lord. Captains Harmon, you go to Canada, and Lts. Salcido, you go to Lithuania. Where are Lts. Salcido? Oh yes, that’s right. They couldn’t wait. They’ve already gone!

Lieutenants, you never know where you’re going to go in The Salvation Army.

In 2018, the Western Territory is sending 31 officers to serve in appointments around the world.

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