WMI Awards 2018


Led by Territorial Music Secretary Neil Smith, Western Music Institute (WMI) took place Aug. 3–11 at Pine Summit Camp in Big Bear Lake, California. Special guests composer Stephen Bulla and International Songster Leader Dorothy Nancekievill joined the 160 students and 50 staff members for the event, themed “More joy, grace, peace, understanding—More Christ.”

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WMI Awards 2018

Chorus Awards

Soprano Pin: Gloria Soriano (Seattle Temple), Gracie Kuyper (San Diego Citadel)

Alto Pin: Grace Norton (Golden State Division), Analise Brown (Seattle Temple), Katie Kim (Eastside Corps)

Tenor Pin: Tyler Griffin (Pasadena Tabernacle), David Reardon (Seattle Temple)

Bass Pin: Devin Petersen (Spokane Citadel)


Band Awards

Cornet Pin: Jeremy Morrison (Portland Tabernacle)

Baritone Pin: David Reardon (Seattle Temple)

Bass Trombone Pin: Ken Santiago (Kona Corps)

Euphonium Pin: Zachary White (Mesa Citadel)

Erik Sholin Eb Bass: Bradley Stires (Salem Kroc Center)

Percussion Pin: Tyler Griffin (Pasadena Tabernacle)


Drama Pin: David Fenrich (Sacramento Citadel)

Praise & Worship Pins: Kimberly Nevarez (El Cajon Corps), Elaine Zumaya (Ventura Corps), Oscar Sanchez (Santa Clara Corps), Braden Begonia (Hawaii Kroc Center Corps)


Watt Family Scholarship ($1,000 for music equipment or lessons): Mark Torres (Cathedral City Corps)


Crestmont Award—Corps award for attendance, soloist participation and people in the highest groups

1st: Salem Kroc Center

2nd: Tustin Ranch

3rd: Anchorage

4th: Pasadena Tabernacle

5th: Portland Tabernacle


Stillwell Award—This award is given to the student who, in the opinion of the faculty, is outstanding in musicianship, deportment, grades, and exemplifies the spirit of Christian living and Salvationism.

1st: Jeremy Morrison, Portland Tabernacle

2nd:  Cody Trimmer, Cathedral City

3rd:  Bradley Stires, Salem Kroc

4th: Tyler Griffin, Pasadena Tabernacle

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