Washed clean


By Mike Delgado –

To say no…sometimes it’s hard to say no—especially when you’re an addict.

We were doing methamphetamines, me and my wife. I have a family, my two girls and Michael. We knew other people that were involved in the same stuff, but they had their lights shut off and they had their kids taken away. We’re not them, we haven’t had that done to us. Because we used to smoke pot at first and it would just be like laid back, kickback. And then you go to speed and it’s a whole different crowd, it’s a vicious crowd because it’s a vicious drug—its different.

I’m just using, using. Later on it’s just meth. It’s a lot of meth. My wife, she wanted to quit. And then I didn’t want to quit. And then a little while went by I wanted to quit and she didn’t want to quit. Finally, Cindy, this lady who was working for The Salvation Army, came to pick up the kids. I went down there and checked it out. And she says we need a couple volunteers. So I raised my hand. That’s where God started to work on me.

I washed dishes, and I sweat and had water all over, drenched. And it was a good feeling—I was doing something good. And then after that we did it as a family. It gave me that self-worth. Then the next question was come to Bible study. We looked at each other like, “boring.” Cindy said, “Just come. If you don’t like it you don’t have to come back.” We came. They were talking about reconciliation, and we gave ourselves to that, crying, just that cleanliness…God just took it. We felt free, we felt free.

Like I tell every guy that comes in with addiction, we love you, God loves you. Seriously, in my heart I pray for you every day. As long as Jesus has got a hand in it, anything is possible; I should know that. I should know that of all.

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