Hodders make ‘lightning’ visits to 16 Cascade, Del Oro corps


Territorial Leaders Commissioners Kenneth G. and Jolene K. Hodder traveled to 16 corps in Northern California, Oregon and Idaho in early August, continuing their “lightning” visits of The Salvation Army’s ministry in the Western Territory.


The Territorial Commander tweeted about the visits along the way:


#1: Roseville Corps, Corps Officers Lts. Stephanie and Steven Pavlakis

“Lightning Visits – Round Three – Amazing Visit with Lts. Stephanie and Steven Pavlakis (with Cherise!) in Roseville. I’d never been to Roseville, but I certainly want to come back. Have a great VBS!”

#2: Yuba/Sutter Corps, Corps Officers Majors Julius and Shannon Murphy

“Majors Julius and Shannon Murphy are not only growing their congregation, but reaching out in new ways to the homeless as well. God bless the Yuba-Sutter Corps!”

#3: Redding Corps, Corps Officers Captains Diana and Tim Danielson

“In Redding, Captains Diana and Tim Danielson set the pace in Emergency Services, addressing homelessness and the Christmas kettle. Wow!”

#4: Grants Pass Corps, Corps Officers Lts. Heather and Joseph McBride

“Lts. Heather and Joseph McBride have been in Grants Pass for only seven months, but their vision for the future is already moving forward. Keep going!”

#5: Medford Corps, Corps Officers Majors Angelina and Jason Koenig and Lts. Ernest and Sara Evans

“Medford, Oregon is fortunate to have Majors Jason and Angelina Koenig and Lts. Ernest and Sara Evans. VBS is underway, and the kids love it. Go, Major JDad!”

#6: Chico Corps, Corps Officers Captains Arwyn and Craig Rodriguera

“Stopped by the new Chico Corps today. Fantastic! Thank you, Captains Arwyn and Craig Rodriguera. Well done!”

#7: Eugene Corps, Corps Officers Majors John and Sabrina Tumey and Lts. Robin and Walter Kaptain

“God bless Majors Tumey and Lts. Kaptain in Eugene!”

#8: Coos Bay Corps, In-Charge Envoys Dennis and Tawnya Stumpf

“Thank you to Envoys Dennis and Tawnya Stumpf (and Mafa!) for a memorable visit to Coos Bay. This corps is one busy place!”

#9: Albany Corps, Corps Officers Lts. Charles and Dawn DeJesus 

“Lts. Charles and Dawn DeJesus are doing a fabulous job in Albany. They see no limits to what the Army and the Lord can achieve in their community. Praise the Lord!”

#10: Newport Corps, Corps Officers Lts. Corrin and Nathan Perry

“Newport has never been so active as it is now under the leadership of Lts. Corrin and Nathan Perry. And little Ezra is a delight!”

#11: Bend Corps, Corps Officers Captains Mike and Rachel Johnson

“The Salvation Army’s ministry in Bend is growing like . . . corn!  Thanks to Capts. Mike and Rachel Johnson and their dedicated soldiers, employees and volunteers. And keep going, Skyler!”

#12: The Dalles Corps, Corps Officers Captain Ray Morris

“The Dalles is open for business! Congratulations to Captain Ray Morris for all he’s achieving in the name of Christ.”

#13: Pendleton Corps, Corps Officers Majors DeWayne and Toni Halstad

“I’m not really a selfie kind of guy, but we’ve known Majors DeWayne and Toni Halstad for years. They’re off to a wonderful start in Pendleton!”

#14: Caldwell Corps, Corps Officers Majors Robin and Stephanie Bridgeo 

“We had the privilege of a lightning visit to Caldwell, hosted by Lt. Colonel Eda Hokom. May God bless Majors Robin and Stephanie Bridgeo as they lead this growing and engaged congregation.”

#15: Nampa Corps, Corps Officers Captains Ricky and Sylvia Scruggs 

“Second stop on this last day was in Nampa, which has just welcomed Capts. Ricky and Sylvia Scruggs. A busy Sunday morning in this bustling community. God bless the Nampa Corps!”

#16: Boise Corps, Corps Officers Majors Mike and Nancy Halverson and Lt. Mike Garlough

“The final stop on this series of Lightning Visits was in the beautiful city of Boise, where the Army will soon to move to magnificent new facilities.  Praying that God will bless Majors Mike and Nancy Halverson and Lt. Mike Garlough as they lead the congregation into the future!”

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