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This Week in _____

By _____


(1)   I’d like to tell you about: (Fill in a name(s), age(s) and a few descriptive details about him/her/them.)


(2)   His/her/their life was: (Share specific details about how they felt about their choices, situation, health issue, etc.)


(3)   He/she/they made their way to The Salvation Army because: (Share how they found the Army. Be specific. Were they referred by a friend? Did they see a sign at the bus stop? Did a friend recommend they visit? Etc.)


(4)   When he/she/they came to The Salvation Army, some words I used to describe them were: (Emotional words are best. How did they look? How did they say they felt? What were some of their fears? Concerns?)


(5)   Here is how The Salvation Army helped: (Be specific here. Use specific examples of how the individual/family felt about the support/work/program. Did he get a job? Stop drinking? Did she get a diploma? Did the child have someone to trust for the first time? Did they make a different choice? Did they get to do something for the first time? Etc.)


(6)   Because of The Salvation Army’s work through Christ, he/she/they are now: (What are the exact results AND transformations they are experiencing? What is the spiritual impact? Even if their final resolution is unclear, how is their life different today because of The Salvation Army’s work?)


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