Stambaughs honored for their service in Guam


Majors Kimberly and Thomas Stambaugh were honored for their four years of work and ministry in Guam, where they served as Guam Corps Officers and Micronesia Coordinators. They are transitioning to new appointments in Idaho.

Before leaving Guam, they were invited to the Governor’s complex to meet with Guam Governor Lourdes A. Leon Guerrero and Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio. To honor their service, the Stambaughs received a Certificate of Recognition and an official Governor’s token with the Guam seal. 

We are more than grateful, overwhelmed and blessed for being recognized, but as I told the Governor it is out of our calling and love for God, and most important it’s the Guam team that makes it all possible,” Thomas Stambaugh said.

They also met with Senator Wil Castro at his office where they received a proclamation from the Guam legislature.

“It was a heartfelt moment for Kim and I to have Senator Wil get emotional talking with us and reading the proclamation to us. Serving Guam has truly blessed us,” Stambaugh said.

He emphasized again that the proclamation also belongs to The Salvation Army staff, board members and volunteers.

In their new appointments, the Stambaughs will serve as Boise Corps Officers and Treasure Valley Coordinators; Thomas Stambaugh will also be Idaho State Capital Liaison.

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