Salvation Army continues to serve tornado survivors in Indiana


Teams have served over 2,500 meals and offered emotional and spiritual care to 135 individuals.

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The Salvation Army continues to serve storm victims in the Kokomo, Ind., area after multiple tornadoes touched down last Wednesday. At least 8 tornadoes were confirmed in Howard and neighboring counties. The storms left hundreds in need of shelter, food and hydration.

The Salvation Army met those needs Wednesday night at a shelter set up by the City of Kokomo and the American Red Cross, where more than 220 residents found refuge. For the four days following the storms, The Salvation Army delivered assistance to families and workers in the neighborhoods devastated by the tornadoes, via their mobile kitchens.

Since Wednesday, The Salvation Army has provided over 2,500 meals, 3,200 drinks, 5,749 snacks, and offered emotional and spiritual care to 135 individuals. With the initial response drawing to a close, The Salvation Army will now focus on long-term recovery for families who lost everything.

“This isn’t a one week or two week response. It’s going to take many months for this community to fully recover from these storms,” said Major David Luft, Commanding Officer for The Salvation Army in Kokomo. “Some of these families have literally lost everything and are starting over. They have no home, no car, no clothes, no food. It’s going to take them a long time to get back on their feet, and we’ll be with them every step of the way.”

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