“…If you hold to my teaching,
you really are my disciples.
Then you will know the truth…

…and the TRUTH will
set you free.”

John 8:31-32 NIV 

Messengers of Truth 

Lieuts. Stephen and Nancy Ball
Corps Officers–Hemet, CA
Lieuts. James and Beverley Lloyd
Corps Officers
Wrangell, AK
Lieuts. John and Judy Bennett
Corps Officers
New Heights Corps–Colorado Springs, CO
Lt. Paul Chouinard
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Redondo Beach, CA
Lt. Shevaun Malone
Service Corps Team Leader–Volgograd, Russia
Ass’t. Corps Officer–Haines, AK
Lieuts. Robert and Donna Marshall
Corps Officers
Compton, CA
Lt. Vansavanh Namathao
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Stockton, CA
Lieuts. Thomas and Deborah Cloud
Assistant Corps Officers
Vancouver, WA
Lt. Jessyca Elgart
Ass’t. Corps Oficer
Sunnyvale, CA
Lt. Jerry Gass
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Chula Vista, CA
Lieuts. Darren and Mary Norton
Corps Officers
Albany, OR
Lieuts. Richard and Phyllis Pease
Corps Officers
Honolulu Wahiawa, HI
Lieuts. Lex and Patricia Giron
Corps Officers
Pasco Temple, WA
Lieuts. Salvador and Gloribel Gonzalez
Corps Officers
Los Angeles Eastmont Corps, CA
Lt. Tiffany Rocheleau
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Wenatchee, WA
Lt. Naomi Santaines
Ass’t. Corps Officer
San Luis Obispo, CA
Lt. Keith Solts
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Gateway, AK
with resp. for Metlakatla
Lt. Bobbi Starling
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Fairbanks, AK
Lieuts. Daniel and Alina Henderson
Corps Officers–Petrodvorets Corps
Russia Northern Region
Lt. Sherri Henthorn
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Renton, WA
Lieuts. Michael and Sonja Stires
Corps Officers
Visalia, CA
Lt. Kimberley Tolar
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Glendale, CA
Lt. Yvonne Tong
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Oakland Chinatown, CA
Lieuts. Bongshik and Ji Lyoung Hong
Corps Officers–Choonsong Division
Korean Territory
Lt. Janice Jones
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Colorado Springs, CO
Lt. Ella Lani
Ass’t. Corps Officer
Kolonia, Pohnpei
Lieuts. John and Lisa Van Cleef
Corps Officers
Carson City, NV
Lieuts. Brian and Iva West
Assistant Corps Officers
Las Vegas, NV


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