King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands opens groundbreaking Salvation Army facility in Amsterdam


His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands opened “De Noordkaap” (“The North Cape”) a new Salvation Army 13-story facility in Amsterdam that refurbished an office building into what is now the largest Salvation Army center in the country.

The center combines multiple forms of professional healthcare and social work, and offers assisted living to former clients from homeless shelters and families in crisis situations. All residents have their own apartments so they can be guided to becoming more independent. A ground-floor community center and a second-hand clothing store ensure that the facility is also a resource for the local community. A scouting group and a children’s choir are among the numerous activities already launched.

For the opening celebrations, the parking area was transformed into a festival site with live music, exhibitions, food and activities for all ages. Nothing, however, drew more attention than the King, as he moved around talking to clients, volunteers, employees and neighbors after having performed the official opening of this unique expression of Salvation Army ministry.

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