General and Chief of the Staff mark year in office 


A year after they were welcomed to International Headquarters to take up leadership of The Salvation Army, General Brian Peddle and Chief of the Staff Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham sat down to talk about their time in office so far and reflect on their experiences of the worldwide Salvation Army.

The informal video, which was recorded in the International Chapel, highlights the two men’s close working relationship, with the Chief posing questions to the General about his experiences of being The Salvation Army’s world leader.

The General reveals that, during the visits he and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle have undertaken, he has been “surprised by…innovative expressions of the Army” and impressed with the movement’s young people, who he sees “at the front line of mission wherever we go.” He says he is encouraged that “God is still at the center of what the Army is and does.”

Reflecting on his growing awareness that “at least half” of Salvationists are serving in countries where “it is not easy to be a follower of Jesus Christ,” the General calls on Salvationists and friends to pray for the Army in these places.

Having discussed his Call to Mission, in which he challenges Salvationists and everyone associated with the Army to Be Ready, Be Engaged and Take Responsibility, the General turns to the camera to invite Salvationists worldwide to be “part of the best Army that has ever existed.”

The Chief echoes this in his closing words, when he calls on God to bless The Salvation Army, especially its “faithful soldiers and volunteers who are giving themselves to the task passionately and enthusiastically.”

From The Salvation Army International

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