Commissioning: 8th annual Encore celebration


The 2019 Encore performances, celebrating the creative expression of Western Territory youth, took place June 8 in Cerritos, California, both at the Performing Arts Center and the Sheraton Hotel, with almost 600 young people participating.

“My main concern is that these young people are doing this where they come from,” said Territorial Music Secretary Neil Smith prior to announcing the award winners. “We have almost 600 here today. In two years, at the 10th Encore, we’ll have 1,000 kids here.”

All Encore performers received a medal to commemorate their participation. This year, for the first time, the first, second and third place finishers all received trophies and had a photo taken with Territorial Commander Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder.

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Singing Companies


Name Corps Place
Singing Company CFOT 1
Singing Company Sacramento Citadel 2
Singing Company Clovis 3


Beginning Band


Name Corps Place
Beginning Band Centennial 1
Beginning Band Sacramento Citadel 2
Beginning Band Cathedral City 3


Junior Band


Name Corps Place
Jr. Band Phoenix Citadel 1
Jr. Band Concord 2


Timbrels A


Name Corps Place
Timbrels A El Cajon 1
Timbrels A Phoenix Citadel 2
Timbrels A Tri-Cities 3


Timbrels B


Name Corps Place
Timbrels B El Cajon 1
Timbrels B Colorado Springs 2
Timbrels B Medford 3


Brass Solo 1


Name Corps Place
Emma Dove Yakima 1
Valery Kim Sacramento Korean 2
Joseph Parks Cathedral City 3


Brass Solo 2


Name Corps Place
Maddie Madsen Gresham 1
Morgan Jones Concord 2
Conner Brown Pasadena Tab 3


Brass Solo 3


Name Corps Place
Andrew Smith Tustin Ranch 1
Kaylynn Jones Concord 2
Zachary White Mesa Citadel 3


Brass Solo 4


Name Corps Place
Rhys Jones Concord 1
Sean Pease Centennial 2


Vocal Solo 1


Name Corps Place
Charlotte Wood Pasadena Tab 1
Austin Halverson Juneau 2
Emily McKaigg Concord 3


Vocal Solo 2


Name Corps Place
Paige Hansel Caldwell 1
Abbigail Hartt Suisun Kroc Center 2
Jacob Dove Yakima 3


Vocal Solo 3


Name Corps Place
Shannon Johnson Concord 1
Oscar Sanchez Santa Clara Citadel 2
Wodin Jormelu Medford 3


Vocal Solo 4


Name Corps Place
Glory Soriano Seattle Temple 1
Alina Smith  Phoenix Citadel 2


Drum Set 1


Name Corps Place
Chen Su San Gabriel 1


Drum Set 2


Name Corps Place
Oliver Cowing Pasadena Tab 1


Drum Set 3


Name Corps Place
Ryan Johnson Concord 1
Moses Leviticus Federal Way 2
Tyler Halverson Juneau 3


Snare Drum 1


Name Corps Place
Karson Li Tri-Cities 1


Snare Drum 2


Name Corps Place
Callum Smith Tustin Ranch 1


Snare Drum 3


Name Corps Place
Ryan Preston Las Cruces 1


Drum Line


Name Corps Place
Drum Line Tustin Ranch 1


Guitar 1


Name Corps Place
Daisy Castillo West Adams 1
DaShane Hartle Farmington 2
Ester Angel Sacramento Citadel 3


Guitar 2


Name Corps Place
Yilan (Tracy) Liang San Gabriel 1
Jennifer Aguilar West Adams 2
Reilley Halverson Juneau 3


Guitar 3


Name Corps Place
Oscar Sanchez Santa Clara Citadel 1
DJ Ferguson Tustin Ranch 2


Piano 1


Name Corps Place
Kevin Li Tri-Cities 1
Kaiying (Amy) Liang San Gabriel 2
Emma Dove Yakima 3


Piano 2


Name Corps Place
Peter Koenig Medford Corps 1
Yilan (Tracy) Liang San Gabriel 2
Jacob Dove Yakima 3


Piano 3


Name Corps Place
Zachary White Mesa Citadel 1


Piano 4


Name Corps Place
Christopher Xiong Clovis 1
Jeah So LA Korean 2


Drama Solo A


Name Corps Place
Emma Dove Yakima 1
Danica Willet Roseville 2
Shannon Rafferty Fountain Valley 3


Drama Solo B


Name Corps Place
Jordan Lawler Helena 1
Oscar Sanchez Santa Clara Citadel 2
Olivia Mauk Suisun Kroc Center 3


Drama Solo C


Name Corps Place
Rebecca Ainios Sacramento Citadel 1


Dance Troupe A


Name Corps Place
Dance Troupe A San Jose 1
Dance Troupe A Kahului 2
Dance Troupe A Redlands 3


Dance Troupe B


Name Corps Place
Dance Troupe B Phoenix Citadel 1
Dance Troupe B Lihue 2
Dance Troupe B Clovis 3


Dance Solo A


Name Corps Place
Melinda Jude Sacramento Citadel 1
Grace Vesselee Phoenix Citadel 2
Arieta Vesikula CFOT 3


Dance Solo B


Name Corps Place
Alice Ramirez Tustin Ranch 1
Jasmine Rodrigues Las Cruces 2
Falo Yacarogovinaka Sacramento Citadel 3


Dance Solo c


Name Corps Place
Nicole Reimers Redlands 1
Haika Mrema Suisun Kroc Center 2
Litzy Guzman Santa Fe 3


Drama Troupe A


Name Corps Place
Drama Troupe A Santa Fe 1
Drama Troupe A San Louis Obispo 2
Drama Troupe A Clovis 3


Drama Troupe B


Name Corps Place
Drama Troupe B Caldwell 1
Drama Troupe B Tucson AMPHI 2
Drama Troupe B Clovis 3


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