We know that you are a Salvationist, part of the international Salvation Army that works to meet human need in his name.

This is a group that aims to cure hunger, overcome poverty and provide shelter. This Army works to fight human trafficking, stop domestic abuse, equip families and empower the arts, while combatting addiction, helping disaster survivors and brightening the holidays.

We know that every good Army needs information, and we are here to equip you with the latest about The Salvation Army and the issues you care about.

New Frontier Chronicle is a newspaper dedicated to empowering Salvationists to communicate and engage with the Army’s mission.

We share information from across The Salvation Army world, reports that analyze effective programs to identify the unique features and trends for what works, tips to help your local congregation better engage in the issues of today, and influential voices on relevant (and sometimes controversial) matters.

So join in: A Salvationist people informed, engaged and empowered.


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