A fresh start for your Salvation Army news


“I wish people knew all The Salvation Army does.” 

It’s a line we hear all the time, and yet—have you ever struggled with where to send someone to see it all? 

You don’t want to send a friend to a website with only the internal news, or just the basics, or only video or podcasts. You want a full showcase—a one-stop source to evidence The Salvation Army’s service to 23 million Americans a year, meeting needs from hunger to homelessness to filling a specific gap in a communityand to compel your friend to join in, too.

Enter Caring—a magazine from The Salvation Army for people who care about making an impact for good. 

Most people want to make an impact but don’t know where to start. The Salvation Army’s Caring Magazine helps you see real, tangible ways to do good right where you are. When you know how you’re helping, you can feel good about being part of building your community and giving the world a lasting display of the love behind your—our—beliefs. 

It’s biblical: We love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19). So we’re out to be the reason somebody believes in goodness.

In the coming months, you’ll see a shift as we consolidate the West’s content to one source: caringmagazine.org. As we do, here’s what you can expect from the “hub” of territorial websites: 

  • The Salvation Army Western Territory online (westernusa.salvationarmy.org): Think of this as a brochure for the West, full of factual information from locations and contacts or how to donate. 
  • The Salvation Army Western Territory intranet (thelanding.usawest.org): “The Landing” is our internal bulletin board where you can go as a Salvation Army officer or employee to get information and resources you need to fulfill the mission of The Salvation Army. 
  • The Salvation Army Caring Magazine (caringmagazine.org): This sits between the territory’s website and the intranet as a magazine to feature the impact of The Salvation Army and inspiration for how to get involved in Doing the Most Good. It will often point visitors to the territory’s website for more information. And it will have a whole new look in the coming months. (Subscribe now to the Do Good Digest email newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!) 

From these sources, a collection of must-see information specifically for an internal audience will be printed in the New Frontier Chronicle and curated in a weekly email newsletter

So where to send that friend? Send them to Caring where they’ll soon find a showcase of it all. 

As one reader said about the magazine: “It’s a constant reminder that we all matter and make a difference in others’ lives.”

Join in and do good today, right where you are.

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